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Erika Vargicova

I am a Slovakian born self-taught artist based in Ireland since 2004. I've been working in childcare where art was always a significant part of my job.

I am focused on watercolour and acrylic textile animal paintings using vibrant colours together with funny and quirky captions. I usually define it as: "You have to see it twice to really get it" art, where sometimes there seems to be a mismatch between the picture and the caption until everything clicks in. I also use my artwork to produce printed items such as greeting cards.

I used to paint only as a hobby,  just because it brought me so much joy. Like many of us, I felt the impact of the COVID pandemic where I lost my dear mother, Alice. Since then, art has been a crucial part of my healing process. Creating brings me so much joy and makes me feel connected to her, so much so that I decided to take a leap of faith and try to become a full-time artist.

We used to laugh a lot together and that is the reason my artwork is always intended to bring joy and happiness, even in the presence of all seriousness in life.

Another great motivation for me is to bring original unique art that is affordable and accessible to everyone. I am a firm believer on the power of owning and gifting unique handmade items, something that is truly original.

I always look at the bright side of life, and usually that side has my loving partner Jose and my three Labrador retriever pups, Bailey, Bear and Bruno.

Erika Varicova and Mom
Erika and Jose
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