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Do you like to stand out and look different? Look no further ! You just found something new, unique and chic!


My hand painted trainers come in different styles, brands and varieties. They are a combination of comfort and quirkiness. From low to hightops, in a variety of colours and sizes. Each pair of trainers are different and unlike any other, inspired by love for nature. Carefully hand painted and playfully mixed and matched together.

You just walked into endless possibilities  of fun and designs!


Each pair of trainers comes with their own shoe bag designed by AfA.


Shoes are vegan.


AfA logo label is made of laser engraved upcycled leather.


Note: This item is unique, there is only one pair, the size shown in the description is the only one available. If you wish to have a pair with the same motive or similar, please feel free to reach out to us via the website chat in the "Contact US" button or write us directly to before purchasing.

  • Details

    Brand: Superdry

    Size: 6/39


    Style: Low

    Material: Canvas

  • Care

    Handwash only

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